Below are videos and PDFs that we post to help you better understand the plastic tanks you may be considering. Many people use tanks in DIY projects, and we're here to help.

Which Plastic Tank Should you Buy?

Plastic Tanks solve a lot of problems. With just a few questions, we'll make sure you get the right one. Because there are so many tank types available, Percheron will ask you a few questions about your use – we want to make sure you've thought of everything and get the best plastic tank for your money; with some advice maybe you hadn't thought of.

This video explains the basics for making your tank decision.

Brine Application Tanks Explained

Percheron can help you pick out a Brine Tank to help you spray through the winter. Usually made from a Horizontal Tank, brine spray tanks fit into small and large vehicles and trailers. Let us help you get started with the right plastic tank and fittings.

Horizontal Tanks page.

Cone Bottom Tanks Explained

Cone Bottom Tanks are a smart solution when complete drainage or decantation of a tank is necessary. These tanks require a stand/support to function properly, and Percheron Plastic is happy to modify your tank with all the fittings you need.

Cone Bottom Tanks page.

Plastic Tank Adapters & Fittings Explained

Tank fittings are needed for access to your tank's contents. This quick video by Owner, Matt Tanguay, explains the many different adapters & fittings you can have installed, along with the various materials they can be made from. Please note that most Percheron tanks include one fitting for free when purchased!

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Open Top Tanks Explained

Open Top Tanks have a specific niche in the plastic tank world. Matt Tanguay explains why Open Top Tanks are excellent easy-access tanks, purpose built for mixing and batch processing, and can be fitted with multiple accessories to accommodate this.

Open Top Tanks page.

Tanks for Collecting Maple Sap

Tanks used in the collection of Maple Sap and the production of Maple Syrup are usually smaller. Owner of Percheron Plastic, Matt Tanguay, talks about a variety of small sized tanks you're likely to use while collecting in a sugar bush. These are easy to haul on a trailer or ATV.

Check out our Horizontal Tank page for some of these smaller tanks.

Horizontal Tank Basics Explained

Horizontal tanks will always be wider than they are tall. Because they are often transported, horizontal tanks usually have side-moulded "legs" to stabilize and support their base. Hoop sets are necessary in larger horizontal tanks to maintain their shape and fill weight, while simultaneously providing mounts to vehicle beds.

Check out our Horizontal Tank page.

IBC Tote Tanks Explained

The basics of IBC Tote Tanks are explained in this video. Their ruggedness, portability and relatively inexpensive price justify why these versatile tanks are seen everywhere. (IBC = Intermediate Bulk Container)

IBC-1000L Tote Tank spec sheet PDF.

IBC-1250L Tote Tank spec sheet PDF.

Septic Tank Basics Explained

The basics of Septic Tanks are explained in this video. Septic Tank designs are stronger than most polyethylene tanks to withstand the pressure of underground installation. When purchasing Septic Tanks, remember that some tanks will include interior plumbing and some will not.

Below Ground Septic Installation of Den Hartog Tanks PDF.

Below Ground Septic Installation of Xactics Tanks PDF.

Agricultural Water Tanks Explained

Matt explains the basics of water storage in AG Tanks. These blue tanks are made specifically for water and are lightweight despite their size. They are equipped with 16" lids and a 2" outlet. AG tanks (agricultural) combine simplicity, and durability at an excellent price point. Available from Percheron Plastic in 1600-6700 litre sizes. (AG-4800 pictured.)

AG-4800 Water Tank Spec Sheet PDF.

Seeing the Water Levels in Your Tank

Can you see the water levels in your tank? It depends. Water and chemical levels in tanks can be seen with some effort in bright sunlight; but there are other ways to get more accurate readings from your tank contents. In this video, Matt describes the water levels seen in a custom fitted XLPE tank.

Low Profile Holding Tanks Explained

Percheron's lowest profile tank ever - the S-1131-LP. Specifically designed to fit under cottages, decks a RVs - anywhere height limitations are an issue. At only 16" high, these tanks hold 1130L/300USg, and are equipped with an easy access 6" screw lid. Watch Matt's video explanation of these space saving tanks.

S-1131-LP Low Profile Tank Spec Sheet PDF.

Slim Doorway Tanks Explained

Doorway Tanks are designed to fit through typical sized doorways in houses and architecture. When you need tanks for a building interior, and all walls must remain intact, Doorway Tanks (also called Slimline Tanks) are a smart option. Designed to fit through 30-36" sized door frames, these tanks are easy to move with one or two persons.

Watch Matt's video explaining these excellent space-saving tanks.


Percheron Plastic is here to help. Owners Matt Tanguay and Eric Quane are experts in plastic tanks. Along with sales associate Matthew Vallentgoed, they are happy to advise and discuss what you might need - in a guaranteed, non-pushy manner. With decades of experience, they'll make sure you're well informed.

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