Below are videos and PDFs that we post to help you better understand the plastic tanks you may be considering. Many people use tanks in DIY projects, and we're here to help.

IBC Tote Tanks Explained

The basics of IBC Tote Tanks are explained in this video. Their ruggedness, portability and relatively inexpensive price justify why these versatile tanks are seen everywhere. (IBC = Intermediate Bulk Container)

IBC-1000L Tote Tank spec sheet PDF.

IBC-1250L Tote Tank spec sheet PDF.

Septic Tank Basics Explained

The basics of Septic Tanks are explained in this video. Septic Tank designs are stronger than most polyethylene tanks to withstand the pressure of underground installation. When purchasing Septic Tanks, remember that some tanks will include interior plumbing and some will not.

Below Ground Septic Installation of Den Hartog Tanks PDF.

Below Ground Septic Installation of Xactics Tanks PDF.

Flotank Rainwater Collection Explained

This video focuses on our 1000L Flotank Rainwater collector. This tank is specifically designed to be tall and small - the small footprint takes up less space next to your house, and the taller design gives you enhanced water pressure. Lots of great features in this very efficient tank!

V-1001 Flotank Spec Sheet PDF.

Agricultural Water Tanks Explained

Matt explains the basics of water storage in AG Tanks. These blue tanks are made specifically for water and are lightweight despite their size. They are equipped with 16" lids and a 2" outlet. AG tanks (agricultural) combine simplicity, and durability at an excellent price point. Available from Percheron Plastic in 1600-6700 litre sizes. (AG-4800 pictured.)

AG-4800 Water Tank Spec Sheet PDF.

Seeing the Water Levels in Your Tank

Can you see the water levels in your tank? It depends. Water and chemical levels in tanks can be seen with some effort in bright sunlight; but there are other ways to get more accurate readings from your tank contents. In this video, Matt describes the water levels seen in a custom fitted XLPE tank.


Percheron Plastic is here to help. Owners Matt Tanguay and Eric Quane are experts in plastic tanks, and are happy to advise and discuss what you might need - in a guaranteed, non-pushy manner. They have decades of experience, and will make sure you're well informed.

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